Another Year Gone By

Time to look back at 2018.  I helped a lot of people this year.

  •  A local motel has a nicer breakfast/lobby area and two renovated rooms to help it compete with large chains.
  • A car dealership has plans for a more energy efficient customer service building.
  • An eye clinic expanded and now has more efficient equipment with less energy waste due to poor ductwork.
  • Indoor plant cultivation centers will be saving over one million gallons of water per year.
  • Three apartment complexes are able to replace old leaking pipes without building department objections.
  • a local startup business is now closer to opening up a new gathering place.
  • A soup kitchen for homeless people is well on it’s way.
  • An energy efficient community for 700 people is on it’s way.
  • A lecture on HVAC systems to architects studying for their exams

It has been a great opportunity for learning new skills to stay competitive in an ever changing marketplace-moving forward closer to the goal of zero net energy buildings that don’t cost that much more than buildings do now.

  • I attended an international convention for green buildings and toured one of the first zero net energy facilities in southern california.
  • A one week workshop for business skills for entrepenuers and business owners.
  • A convention going over running a business from top to bottom (lots of stuff they don’t teach you in engineering school!)
  • five days of code training for the newest Southern California codes and code related software.
  • Evening lectures on ethics, engineering strategies for new types of buildings, mechanical systems for zero net energy buildings.
  • a program custom tailored to increase my study skills.

I can safely say I packed in more professional  training in this last year than all of the 33 years previously where I worked for other people.  Knowledge truly is power so why putter around with knowledge that has hardly been updated in decades when you don’t have to?

My little consulting business now has an earthquake proof and hacker proof data backup system.  I have an apple computer in addition to my two windows computers (to provide more hardware backup and some assurance against Windows issues).  I have a much higher quality and more reliable printer, my office is more energy efficient.  I have an infrared camera, three new engineering softwares.

I have expanded my professional consulting network has grown to four HVAC/Plumbing companies to help back me up plus I am up to six electrical engineers to call upon for packaged proposals.

Looking forward to an even better 2019.

Building the environments that life takes place in, improving existing buildings, saving energy, getting buildings built more easily.  all in a day’s work! I love designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for buildings.

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