How does LA stack up against world cities?

graphic green

Ranking world cities on Green. This is a tough thing to do objectively but people are trying. The photo  is from an article in Embark magazine which surveyed 100 major world cities in terms of seven different aspects of being green (low pollution, legislation, electric vehicles, greenhouse gas, open space, traffic, and bicycle infrastructure).


Los Angeles found itself #67 (yellow). Frankfurt (blue) and Shenzhen (green) were at the top.

Interesting to note that all of California’s laws, codes, and ordinances hardly measured up in the world scene. I would surmise from the data presented that the most “Green” comes from people who care about a better living environment and not from law. I have seen more and more people spending extra dollars on their cars and buildings because they want Green, not because they have to. I suspect at the end of the day, that is a more powerful factor than forcing people to care.

Adding more green space (gardens/parks/open space) and increasing public transportation might be better advice to Los Angeles than tougher building requirements.

And to those clients I have had through the years who wanted to step up their buildings towards more energy savings and more Green-I thank you for the opportunities to help out!  A thousand small steps add up as much as a few really big steps.

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