Geothermal Power Plant

While I was surfing up more information on Southern California’s latest earthquakes I came across something very impressive.  On Michael Janitch’s seismology website the epicenter was identified as a lava field with a small cluster of emerging volcanoes, plus a small one called the Coso Volcano.  What was interesting was this is also the site of an innovative new power plant.  This operational plant injects water down into a known subsurface lava hotspot and allows it to come back up to the surface as steam.  This steam drives turbines and makes electricity and then gets pumped back down inside the earth again to be reheated.  Kudo’s to California innovation!

In case you are wondering the 6.0 earthquake this week reached my office over a hundred miles away with a series of 9 pulses-no damage.  A sobering reminder of how real and how powerful the earth is.

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