Something to Do in Isolation…….

Eventhough my home office was not subject to CoVID risks, I took the opportunity to back up my computers and even remodeled my office.

After volunteering in the wildfire cleanup, I learned that fire rated safes are by far the most reliable backup for computers. I bought a 2 hour fire rated, earthquake rated, virus proof, hack proof safe and downloaded all of my computer files.

Next I completely remodeled and reorganized my office. It was time well spent. My new workspace is more efficient and more pleasant. Plus I have a third computer and desk for a CAD designer/office helper and a conference table.

Energy efficiency wise-I now have double paned windows, extra attic insulation, an attic fan to take advantage of the semi desert cool nights (passive cooling) and I have an evaporative cooler too. This is by far the most comfortable and well outfitted office I have had to work at in 36 years of engineering.

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