How NOT to be trampled by the Building Department (part 2)

Hello again, in the previous blog I mentioned that architect’s drawings should contain detailed information on how contractors are supposed to seal up the building air tight. I referenced a State of California publication on the subject (available for free with lots of pictures and illustrations)

For this blog- I am adding my version of the QII (Quality Insulation Installation) specification. This spec is available in CAD from me-just send me an email requesting it (

Please note that these specifications are not new requirements to the building codes. These specifications clarify what has been in the code (and overlooked) for at least 9 years. The cost to implement these requirements for the contractor should be zero (they should already be doing that). The chances of building an energy efficient building without strict attention to sealing up the envelope are pretty bleak. Increased comfort and lower energy bills are the intention of controlling leakage.

I had to change the language in QII’s handbook from passive to active voice so that it made sense to bidders.

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