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This Blog is a followup to “How NOT to be trampled by the Building Department”. The main point of that two part blog is that no matter how unreasonable a code requirement might be-blueprints must comply. When it comes to air barriers and infiltration-codes have been requiring this for a long time now. Never-the-less buildings flunk air pressure testing and QII (Quality Insulation Installation) testing routinely. Sometimes even the most expensive buildings can leak surprising amounts of air. This leads to mold, comfort problems, higher energy bills, change orders, delays, and cracks.

Here are some details that architects can put on their blueprints to make it clear to contractors what is expected of them to comply with air barrier and thermal barrier requirements.

The details below are taken from a state published handbook for construction of air and thermal barriers in buildings. I have a CAD file that presents the details in organized categories (along with specifications for air barriers). Send me an email and I will be happy to send you the CAD file. I am in the process of creating CAD drafted versions of the CalCerts illustrations. I will be happy to send those to you, as they get completed, but I will have to charge for those.

this handbook is available for free (see my previous blogs for the web address)
This handbook is available for free at the web address listed in my previous two blogs
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