Saving the World One Banana Peel at a Time

by Guy Van Meulebrouck PE

Everyone knows that solar electricity is green energy since it turns about 30% of the sun’s energy into electricity (as long as the sun is shining). Green is good.

There is another type of green energy that only a few people know about and that is Biogas.

Biogas takes garbage and sewage and turns it into usable gas energy. This free gas can drive cars, heat homes, or even power electric plants when the sun isn’t shining. Since people produce unending supplies of sewage and trash-Biogas is so Green that it exceeds solar. Plus, the stinky harmful fumes that normally come out of the landfill and sewage treatment plants don’t get a chance to pollute our breathing air. That is because they are captured in the Bio-gas plants and turned into energy.

It gets even better. Biogas plants can’t help but produce plant fertilizers that we can use on our lawns and gardens.

Hemet, California is lucky to have a new Biogas power plant. Hopefully this plant will expand and serve all of the dairy farms that blow stink into the air when the wind comes from the north.

For now, all we have to do to make environmental history and save the planet is take our kitchen scraps and throw them into our Yard Waste bin instead of our Waste Bin. Pretty simple. 😉

I hope more of us take advantage of this simple new thing. It really does make a difference to the planet we live on. I also hope people will start pushing electric companies to utilize bio gas for evening hours when solar production is gone an people need electricity.

It will be far cheaper to convert cars to Bio-Fuel instead of converting cars to Electric. Please note there would be no EM radiation from high voltage batteries and bio gas cars are much simpler and cheaper to work on than electric vehicles.

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