Here are some of California’s Building Codes which are sometimes ignored by designers and contractors:

Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Engineering from University of Colorado 1984.  This education has been added to with  continuing education and actual field experience installing plumbing, solar, radiant heating, and ductwork.  In 1980-I specifically chose one America’s five colleges which offers training specifically for buildings.  I patterned my college training based on the European tradition of making engineers work in the field while studying building engineering.

Wishing to expand my understanding of the building industry further-I worked as a landlord, building manager, and served on board of directors for condominium. I also took a realtor class.

Over 32 years of experience designing HVAC and Plumbing systems for all types of buildings.  So far, over 3 million square feet of building designed-all types of commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial.  Energy conservation is a passion (where budgets permit).

As an Author : I created a continuing education course in cost estimating, published columns and articles for a local AIA newsletter, a Geo-Thermal magazine, and engineering newsletter, and a study in Library Air Conditioning Requirements.

As a Speaker: I presented a Geo-Thermal lecture at a local Green Building Conference and have hosted several in-house training sessions for engineers, architects, and contractors.


As an unexpected benefit to volunteering for various natural disasters-I learned some things about what hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires do to buildings and how what is considered sustainable design in one climate does not necessarily carry over to another climate.


Membership and attendance in various building professional organizations has enriched me with fellowship, peer interaction, interesting lectures, and vendor presentations.

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